Tokyo Xanadu

Tokyo Xanadu resembles very much the most recent episodes of the Ys series, characterized by a fast, technical combat system, halfway between the role-playing game and the pure action game.

Tokyo Xanadu, action RPG by the series of creators such as Ys and more recently Legend of Heroes, certainly belongs to this category: we spent tens of hours in the company of Sony's small-size version, which will be followed, In the coming months, from that for PS4, which should also contain unpublished narrative material.

Those who know Falcom's long history of role-playing craftsmanship from time immemorial will not be amazed to know that the least successful aspect of production is the plot: the Japanese team has always focused on the gameplay of its creatures so much that The same Ys saga, probably the most famous of Falcom's intellectual property, is limited to simple interlacing, rather based its appeal on the sense of discovery and exploration.

Tokyo Xanadu resumes many of the narrative moods of the Person series and, in particular, similarities with the fifth chapter are glaring: to save the screenplay team in the corner, the Japanese publication of Tokyo Xanadu dates back to 2015, about a year earlier than that of the best-seller Atlus, and so similarities can only be random, daughters of the current Japanese game design and autarchy school that the Japanese market seems to be self-imposing for a few years, with the overwhelming Most of the products placed at home.

The affair revolves around Kou Tokisaka, a Japanese teenager who is all part-time and school-leaning, who is inclined to pay the rent and at the same time lead to a minimum of social life: one evening, after getting out of work, he sees a companion Of school, followed by two uncompromising types, and, as a good knight without spot, decides to intervene ... just to find out that not only her friend (Asuka Hiiragi) knows her well on her own but is also part of a 'Secret Organization, called Nemesis, which deals with cleaning up the Greed from Morimiya City (imaginary city but based on Falcom's offices).

The latter are incarnations of the negative, even unconscious, emotions of the inhabitants of the town, causing them to rupture in the temporal space fabric, in the form of dungeons crowded with aberrations: Needless to say, our Kou will soon discover that he is able to deal with these monsters, such as Others of his friends forever, and this will lead him to face a wide range of human emotions and monsters connected to them.

If Tokyo Xanadu fails to prop up a fascinating plot, creating situations that have already been seen and suffering from a congenital verbality of the characters, at least it is able to characterize the group of young protagonists, accomplices of the great acts of Japanese jihadists, not randomly quoted When a new character appears on screen.

If Falcom's screenwriters do not win any academy prize, the reversal of the medal is a gameplay, which, like virtually all of the software titles of the Japanese house software, is able to engage and entertain anyone who does not have a deep hatred for RPG action.

At the level of game mechanics, in fact, Tokyo Xanadu resembles very much the most recent episodes of the Ys series, characterized by a fast, technical combat system, halfway between the role-playing game and the pure action game: here you fight in a series Of mediocre short dungeons, fairly trivial in level design and populated by enemies visible on the minimap (though you can disable this option), until you reach a final boss, definitely the highest point of each of the explored labyrinths.

The combat system on Tokyo Xanadu is so simple to learn how deep it is to master it completely, if necessary to raise the level of difficulty, choice we feel to advise to get the most out of the fights of the fights: a short attack button, one For the one at a distance, one for the jump and the two dorsals used to lock the enemy (the left) and the rolled / dodged (the right).

From these simple basics, chapter after chapter, the combat system will grow richer by increasing combo chains, allowing the player to embed elemental stones in the style of evergreen Materia of Final Fantasy VII, increasing the number of stores by Who equip themselves and ensure a level of customization of their excellent party.

The clashes are frenzied on Tokyo Xanadu, marked by the alternation of close attacks and distances, from strike sequences completed by a skirmish at the last second, and revived by two different special moves, one to be combined with one of his teammates and The other to filling a dedicated bar.

The first boosts all the parameters of our fighter, regenerating health for a short period of time and eliminating any elemental disadvantages, while the latter works almost like a kind of smart bomb, hitting all the enemies on screen with a blow of rare power: if , At the pre-set level of difficulty, these techniques will be more spectacular than useful, selecting the two higher levels they will be two precious salvage anchors against enemies capable of landing the player with two or three well-shaken hits.

We would not even be in a spin off of the Devil May Cry series, then the player will have to clean up some rooms from all the enemies before continuing (with a lot of magic barriers to lock it in the meantime) and will be evaluated at the end of every dungeon completed Criteria such as time spent, number of hits hit and defeated enemies.

Despite focus on action, Tokyo Xanadu lays in unexpected strategic scenarios: changing the character in real time by pressing the triangle button does not only allow you to exploit some peculiar moves but is often the only possible solution to advance: certain enemies They are completely immune to certain types of attack, while others inflict an exaggerated amount of damage, and the choice of a character rather than another then gives rise to a fundamental role.

There is space for a game of cards on the Gwent's side, in fact quite simple but not less fun, a bunch of which is part of the collection collection of the game, obviously unpublished in Europe.

As a matter of fact, few titles in the current PlaystationVita library run as well as Tokyo Xanadu's secondary missions and dungeon backtracking already completed: getting an S rating in all the labyrinths will not be a walk, and some of the secondary quests mixed up The unavoidable fetch of JRPG's typical quests will reveal interesting backgrounds of the story, rewarding the most dedicated players with an improved relationship between characters and, consequently, their understanding of the battlefield.

The technical section of Tokyo Xanadu is almost overwhelmed by that of the recent second chapter of The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel trilogy, with a massive reuse of assets and textures, but with a visible improvement in the level and amount of animations.

This is a nice visual show on the Vita screen, which loses a few shots already in the Playstation TV passage, with which the game is fully compatible: the change of resolution does not work, but overall, Tokyo Xanadu does not fade, though Not setting new standards for Sony's small home.

On the other hand, and even here we feel a delightful feeling of deja vu, the soundtrack of Tokyo Xanadu deserves to be underlined: said of the recitative quality of Japanese dubbing (the only present, however), we are in front of a soundtrack of excellent bill, ranging With naturalness from pieces of jazz print that make a lot more Person to more definitely more pop, with lots of unpublished tracks made for the idol band that comes to the stage at some point of the main narrative bow, passing for pieces all based on guitars and Synthesizers that clearly refer to the tradition of the Ys saga.

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  • A lot feels right with Tokyo Xanadu
  • Gorgeous handheld graphics and a concept with a lot of potential
  • Fun time battling Greeds and bonding with in-game friends
  • Combat, narrative, and development do their job just enough to keep things working
  • Tokyo Xanadu has a few quirks here and there
  • The hiccups and shortcomings keep holding the game back from the niche sleeper hit it could be.
Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 8.5
Audio - 8.5

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