Tips to Increase App Downloads in Apple App Store

In modern society, everyone is under great pressure of daily life. The most common ways to release pressure is playing smart phones. With the development of economy and technology, smart mobile becomes more and more popular in our daily life. At the same time, mobile apps develop faster and faster. There are over millions of apps in app store. It is so difficult for every app developers to make their apps could be easily found in app store. The most difficult thing is to increase app downloads in app store. Here are some tips that can help you to increase app downloads in apple app store.

It's important to keep this in mind when planning a strategy to increase your app downloads. You can make the greatest impact on the number of downloads of your app starting right at the app store where your app is on display. The techniques applied in this category are usually known as app store optimization and they consist in making the app appear on the first place rankings for searches made by users of the app store.

All the design and development you put into your app will be reflected in the ratings and reviews made by the users who have tried the application. It is known that this factor greatly influences the overall ranking in the app store listings. As app developer, you'd better to ask the user to leave a review at the app store after experimenting with the app.

App developers could indicate a reduced set of keywords to help app store search engine find that particular app. App developer had better create a keyword list. In addition, you should find the most important key words, which are most used by your customers to find apps within your subject. You should keep optimizing this field, experimenting with new keywords and measuring the impact on the number of downloads. Besides that, you should keep an eye on the keywords your competitors are using and how they rank in comparison to you. Ideally you want to find keywords with decent traffic volume and relatively low competition, illustrated by the green box.

It's important for every app developer to keep up with Apple's major developments so you'll better be able to decide which features and design to offer your iOS customers. Understanding the nuances of these products will help you come up with practical ideas to make your app stand out and boost apps downloads.

What's more, you should pay attention to localization. App users can find apps that relevant to them on geography with the apps near me chart in iOS 7. It is a good opportunity for every app developer. By focusing your keywords to specific locations you can boost app ranking and attention in the App Store. Location specific keywords are usually low competition and help you get noticed by the Near Me algorithm.

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