Pre-Owned Video Games: Are They Worth Buying?

There are a lot of video games out there on the web waiting to be bought. It seems like a lot of people want to sell their old systems and the games that go with it. But are these used games worth it compared to the new systems?

One of the biggest ways they are worth it is when you look at cost. If you buy a brand new system from the store, you will be spending a lot of money on the latest and greatest console, when you could be spending far less (on a Playstation for instance) and have money left over to buy games with. The only real reason to buy a brand new system is if there is a specific game you are looking to get that only goes with that console. Otherwise, you can stock up on classic games.

If you get have a used Nintendo 64 system, you will be able to find lots of games that you can get for very low prices. These games, many considered classics, will be just two or three dollars a piece. Think of how many you could buy for the price of a new system.

And these pre-owned games aren't in bad shape. In fact, if you buy them from a good site, you will find that the Super Nintendo games have few flaws. Some may have small scratches or may be missing their instructions, but those small imperfections that will only give you a better price. The discs themselves will be checked by the sellers to ensure you are getting a good deal.

There are also used Gameboy games out there that will really help you if you are looking to try out a lot of games without wasting too much money. Too often, Gameboy games that aren't played a lot get lost or just sit on a shelf and you don't want that. Buying pre-owned games allows you the luxury to try many games and keep the ones you want to play. The condition of the Gameboy games is top notch, too.

The same goes for Gameboy Color games, which are so popular with kids that it is worth buying a bunch of them if you have children. That way the kids get introduced to many games. Maybe among those you will find the Gameboy Color game which keeps them entranced!

Make sure you don't get burned by the web site you use. You want to make sure the site where you get your games is testing them to make sure they work and you get some sort of guarantee from them when you buy. Just because you go with pre-owned doesn't mean you should get ripped off when you buy a Playstation 2. The best sites will give you a good, trustworthy deal.
It's worth it to your budget to check out these sites and see just what you can get when you decide to buy a pre-owned instead of brand new. has just the Gameboy systems, Sega Genesis games, used Nintendo 64 console, or used Gamecube games you are looking for. And all at great prices too! Plus, JJGames offers free shipping on game and accessory orders over so you can be sure you get your order without paying anything extra. They have 100's of preowned video games, such as the Sega system, in-stock every day.

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