Main Features Every Restaurant Mobile App Should Include

Once there was a time when the restaurant's mobile app was just a tool to help people finding the nearest location and to look at the menu. However, now we see a completely other side of mobile apps in restaurant businesses. We have to accept that mobile apps do a few important things very well in the food industry today.

As a growing number of consumers adopted mobile apps to ease their dining experience, restaurants increasingly started utilizing mobile technology with ordering and payment applications to increase their business and customer. However, a few popular food apps initially failed to impress the consumers by making the features complex. Let's find out a few food apps who failed to impress their customers to learn the reason of their failure and know how to build a successful food app with just six simple ways.

Coming to the point, being in the food business, you can engage your customers and increase loyalty by implementing a few customized features into the food mobile app. It will encourage customers to order food online from their smartphones, in turn, your business will get increased revenues. So, are you ready to check them out? Let's explore!

Engage your customers with push messages

How would your business grab customer's attention when there are various other food apps installed on their personal mobile phones. Push notification is the answer. When planning to build a mobile app for your food business, make sure you are up to speed on this powerful push messaging/notification, that would pop up on the mobile screen to let users know about the special offers, discounts, etc., without opening up the app. These are also called as the attention-grabbing messages that keep users/customers engage with your app. However, you also need to have a perfect marketing strategy to make your app noticeable among your customers, know-how here.

Make your business accessible to multiple platforms (App Store & Google Play Store)

Reaching a large number of customers through the mobile should be one of the main goals of your business which you need to focus. And, it's possible only if your food app is accessible to multiple platforms (App Store and Google Play). If you have multiple entrances into your app, it will help you get your app noticed by a huge number of audience, which in turn will give you prospective customers to download your apps.

Embed videos, images, and other media content

Embedding videos, images and other media content related to your business creates more engagement. For the food app, you can have videos embed if you have any. However, including the images of food items is a must. You can also have venue pictures and food menu images if it's a dedicated restaurant app. It will make the app more lively. So give your users the content that they are looking for, they may view, share and recommend online with their friends and relatives.

Allow customers to refer friends straight to your restaurant mobile app

Customer referral program is another effective way to pull the attention of your customers. They invite their friends to get bonus points through the referral program. Friends accept the invite, installs and complete the purchase to use the offer/discount. So, basically, this strategy helps in increasing more number of mobile application downloads. Consider promoting your referral program everywhere through a marketing strategy. This will encourage participation from a large number of food app users.

Create a referral code system

Promotional offers that give a discount on the first food order, coupon code to get discounts and referral codes to get bonus are a few other ways that would grab the attention of your customers and engage them with your app most of the time.

Create a loyalty coupon program for your restaurant app

For any business, customers are everything. So, you must treat your loyal customers and make them feel special. For which, you need to create a loyalty coupon program. Customers who regularly uses your app deserves rewards, ain't it? Doing this program would also help you boost your customer engagement and increase transactions. So, think about it!

AppOnLease is a Mobile Application for Food Ordering. In short it is a Food Ordering System designed by Loginworks Softwares Pvt. Ltd.

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