How to Get Your App to the Top of App Store Search

Do you want to make your potential customers find your app through search on the App Store? Here are some ways to improve app visible on Apple's App Store search engine. Well, if you have learned app store optimization aso a lot, you can know that ASO is the key to boost app ranking. So to make an app successful, the first step is improving your ASO skill. Pay attention to our blog post, there are many useful and easy tips of App Store Optimization.

First, make an interesting App. This may go without saying, but given how much attention is paid to indexing in traditional SEO, it really needs to be said. In order to be indexed in the App Store it is necessary to create an app that follows Apple's legal and content guidelines, some of which are listed in their developer center, prior to submitting the App. Once you've made it into the App Store, follow the next nine steps to make your interesting app visible, and you could end up promoted by Apple in television commercials, and eventually listed as one of the most downloaded apps of all time.

Second, use keywords in the app name. The name of the app is the title tag of App Store apps--perhaps the most important on-page ranking factor of the App Store search engine. Users entering the keyword "fun" in the app store search box will find a tip calculator listed prominently among the other apps that are apparently fun. If developers think their application is also fun, they can alert the search engine to this fact by placing the keyword in the name of the app, and help themselves appear higher in the search results for informational queries.

Third, integrate Facebook Connect. Facebook has consistently been one of the most popular Apps in the App Store since it first appeared. By integrating Facebook Connect into its iPhone app, the popular Scrabble application now appears in searches for Facebook, which is most likely a very popular search term in the App Store. By making your app social with Facebook Connect, you're helping to make the app viral, while aligning your content with what is historically one of the most popular apps in the store.

Fourth, encourage users to write reviews. Popularity seems to be a big component of visibility in the App Store, and that includes user reviews. I don't know how big a role they play in the ranking algorithm of the search engine, but some have noticed that developers are gaming reviews in order to be more visible in the App Store. White hats can participate in this as well. Wherever you promote your app, mention high user ratings and encourage people who download the app to write reviews.

Fifth, mention popular related apps in body copy. Some less scrupulous marketers have seen the value of keyword stuffing in promoting apps, but this can be done in an ethical way as well. If there is a popular app that is relevant to your app, mentioning it in the copy will help your app show up for navigational searches for those popular apps, thus increasing visibility for relevant searches.

After reading this article, what do you think? Is it useful for you? If so, just take action to do it! As one of the best app store aso websites, we would like to offer free and useful ASO tips for you. Also, we provide you professional app store trending searches service to help your keywords jumping into the top chart in the app store, if you need, jut contact with us!

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