Both these platforms are equally loved by customers as they mitigate the pain of making an actual purchase.
In terms of virtual marketplace mobile applications have taken over websites and that is why this article is also dedicated to mobile applications for retail businesses. There are various companies that create mobile applications for retail businesses. A mobile application can settle various requirements of a business like showcasing all products simultaneously, highlighting few desired products, receiving order enquires, informing customers about latest add-ons to the store, informing customers about offers and discounts, running loyalty programs for re visits to the store and getting referrals from existing customers.
Mobile app for your retail business must be for all kinds of smart phones based on android, iOS or blackberry so as to cover maximum number of customers. The design of the mobile app must be creative, colourful, innovative and user friendly. The mobile applications with smooth navigation receive welcoming response from customers across globe.
To create mobile app for your business you may look at various possible alternatives but then the cost and time involved may take you back. If you approach an IT COMPANY for creating your app they may ask for quite a lot of time and considerable amount of money still the app whish comes out will not be as impressive as you wished.
You can create your app with Appresive, the mobile application development wing of Wow communications. It is a team of enthusiastic app creators who are passionate about innovation. Appresive has broken the ice and pioneered the automated mobile application development market in India with no generic competition at all. They have evolved a sparking mobile application that can create other mobile applications by just following few simple instructions. The app is mainly for retail businesses that wish to provide virtual shopping experience to customers.
Appresive allows retail businesses to build their mobile application by filling their information in a simple form on web or app. The form asks for name of the business, tagline, a short description, about the company, image gallery, product categories and products, description, name and price of each product, image gallery, offers and discounts if any, contact details. The mobile app once created can be shared on various social media platforms with customers and others. visit
Features of a retail store business app:
* Approach customers anywhere 24x7.
* Sell on mobile.
* Showcase your products and services.
* Enhance customer experience with user friendly design.
* Cart facility to customers.
* Receive enquires and orders from customers.
* Share your app with the world.
* Give wheels to store.
If a business app has so much to offer then why wait, give your business its mobile app today.

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