Ghost Recon Wildlands

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands welcomes us with a full-blown storyline that can count on the undeniable atmosphere created by Luca Ward's voice, which gives character and thickness to the main nemesis, in many ways close to Kingpin's television series "Dare devil".

Five years after Future Soldier, Ubisoft's ghosts come back with Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Bolivia, two years since today: the criminal organization Santa Blanca, which manages cocaine traffic and exports its products to Mexico and the United States, has become so powerful that its policy and law enforcement will come to its own will To lay the foundations for a true "narcotist". The author of this extraordinary rise is a man, El Sueño, "the chief of the bosses": a fanatic to the point of being himself a saint, absolutely ruthless and charismatic, surrounded by men and women able to hold together a malevolent structure of proportions Huge, presiding and controlling every village and every town in the country.

Someone, however, has to stop it, and to succeed where the rebel troops can not come to the Ghost: a unit consisting of only four men, real quick and deadly ghosts, which represent the best that the American army can express. Sent to the scene following the discovery of the corpse of Ricardo Sandoval, a DEA agent operating under cover, the group immediately implemented Operation Kingslayer: a series of missions aimed at destabilizing Santa Blanca, locating the leaders and eliminating one To one, until you arrive at El Sueño. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands welcomes us with a full-blown storyline that can count on the undeniable atmosphere created by Luca Ward's voice, which gives character and thickness to the main nemesis, in many ways close to Kingpin's television series " Dare devil". A historical collaboration between the Roman actor and Ubisoft, which is renewed by refocusing a matter of hot news, although it is true that on one side there are those who choose not to invest in Italian dubbing for their top titles, in spite Of their own history, and who, like the French house, does not give up on this aspect of production.

For his open world debut, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands points to the largest map ever for a Ubisoft game, made through a Carthusian documentation of Bolivian geography and reproduction in many ways of the country, divided into twenty-one regions controlled by as many official . During the campaign we will be free to move and explore the scenery as well as to do with the missions we want, aware of a growing degree of difficulty that is there to suggest a certain kind of path

However great the freedom of action that comes to us in the game, in fact, we will have to defeat all the minibosses that rotate around four commanders of Santa Blanca in order to be able to locate the position on the map, and only after eliminating them Twenty-five officers will be faced with El Sueño. This translates into a particularly rich structure, consisting of a hundred major missions and a large number of secondary missions, to be completed both to gain more information on the cartel and to unlock extra skills and support from rebel troops. What matters, however, is the nature of the missions, which in most cases revolve around the attack of an enemy garrison, but also and above all the variety of approaches and settings that the game can offer: we can guide any car , Motorbike, van, truck, helicopter or aerial we will be shooting, using GPS to mark the destinations (though the mapping on the mini map is not always visible and creates some skyscraper: we hope to be made more readable with the upcoming updates) Better, breaking through fields wherever possible to save a lot of the road. The distances, as it is easy to imagine, are rather large, and they go a long way (fortune that can be used to move quickly to the bases already discovered), with flying vehicles that from this point of view do not facilitate much Things being inexplicably slow, and thus having the only real advantage of providing a straight line, in line to the goal. All this to say that in the (little) time that we were granted by the publisher for the review we achieved 33% completion of the game, completing thirty-five main missions and some twenty missions, as well as doing some hours with The cooperative online multiplayer. So let's talk about a product that takes up to a hundred hours to get rid of it, and its evaluation will be reshaped in the event that in the coming days critical or good points would emerge to justify a correction.

We thought that the confirmation of the third person's view and the open world setting on Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands could distort the profoundly tactical and reasoned experience of the original Ghost Recon in 2001, but it did not happen: the many innovations introduced in gameplay by developers left intact The planning and strategy that characterize the franchise since its inception, enriching the plant with further, varied elements. There is also a great distance between the dynamics of the single player and those of the multiplayer cooperative, the latter being inevitably more complex and difficult, even just framing, but we will soon come.

After determining the appearance of our character using a simple editor, we will become aware of CIA agent Karen Bowman, who will provide us with radio support and coordinate our operations. Sequences that seem to be involved are posed as the narrative admirer of the campaign, but as mentioned, it does not shine from this point of view; Even on the technical front, since we would have definitely preferred four well-defined and defined characters for the Ghost team instead of modifiable models (but initially, eye) but not thick, but made even if the standard graphic engine changes its parameters for the cutscene , As tradition by Ubisoft, pumping effects and detail in order to present more beautiful and convincing faces and bodies: in the case of Wildlands a malignant work. Starting from one of the bases already unlocked, we will have to drive a vehicle and move to the yellow markers on the map, intelligence missions where you have to collect documents or break computers to get information about the Santa Clara officer in the area and let the Main issues that concern him. In the vast majority of cases, it is intruding into an enemy gavel, choosing whether to do it silently or with flat guns, but in all cases treating the tactical phase through the use of telescope and drone. The latter, duly boosted, simplifies things to a large extent in influencing the gameplay, effectively removing the vast majority of responsibilities and replacing our infallible teammates, controlled by artificial intelligence, the silent elimination of the guards through the "Synchronized shot", a skill that takes about twenty seconds to recharge but allows you to score up to three targets and order their killing at the same time, while we may be behind a bush, three hundred meters further away Sipping a coffee. The mechanics on Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands that characterize the reconnaissance with the drone, the signaling of enemies and their "automatic" elimination are well implemented and fun, the problem is that the more things become complex and the more they end up replacing the action first person; Also because our colleagues seem to frame the targets even where they are in impossible positions, such as behind a hill, and the only time they have trouble is when the guard goes into a building. This is certainly an over-simplification, and perhaps making it more realistic, it would have benefited the challenge in general, but it also happened in the original Ghost Recon to entrust its comrades with the task of making certain eliminations: the strategic element has always been In the DNA of the franchise even though, as said, here something seems a little too marked.

In short, the "synchronized shot" plays a prominent role in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands gameplay, solving many situations but not all. When handling group eliminations, you have to be careful to strike isolated enemies, otherwise their comrades will notice they are under attack and will trigger a series of more or less insidious countermeasures depending on the mission's difficulty: the recall of support troops From the outside, the onset of acoustic alarms (which can, however, be prevented beforehand with a silenced shot) and even the counter-force in the case of a top-down approach.

It's not enough for narcotrafficers, in the game we will have to go with Unidad, armed armed armed armed armed forces who intervene where heavy disorder occurs, but mostly composed of agents on the payroll of El Sueño. Fighting the militia inevitably leads to unpleasant situations, raising the traditional level of attention to us and causing the rapid emergence of armored and helicopters that attack us from above. The management of vital energy passes for some enhancements that make us and our companions more resistant to bullets, but in principle the system adopted is of a "rechargeable" type, that is enough to take shelter a few seconds to recover the energy that we Was subtracted. Where you can not do it and end up on the ground, other Ghosts will come to our aid scrumptiously, eliminating potential opponents in the vicinity before we retreat, without showing the side to criticality of artificial intelligence where a companion does not make Account for the presence of hostile units and end all in sequence. Resuscitation on Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands is, however, limited to only one session per session: in the event we are knocked down again, it will be over game and we will have to start the mission again. If the intelligence of our team members appears to be persuasive, even infallible when it comes to sniffing, with a few spells in which a character wakes up somewhere and leaves him behind (unless he finds it automatically at the next stop), he is not He can obviously say the same as his enemies, whose ability fits into a discreetly permissive stealth context. When you end up in a blatant clash, you have to appreciate the fact that the opponents try to get us in, something that happens especially during missions where we activate a particular switch and we must resist for a few minutes a real siege of hostile forces. However, their behavior is quite predictable: they tend to shake long under cover, but do not move or bend their head as they do in other titles. This approach is particularly disappointing during bosses, which at the end of boss counts are not: commanders have the same characteristics as standard soldiers and can be easily eliminated, even by using the "synchronized stroke", therefore the only factor that differentiates that A kind of situation from the other fights is perhaps the need to make a rocket-chase or to go into a basement in search of the hidden officer.

The inevitable degree of repetition of missions, which, as they say, consist in most cases of attacking enemy stations, the incoherent narrative segment and the general lack of personality of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands are not fortunate to undermine those who are Aspects of the greatest impact of the Ubisoft title, the first of which of course is the great freedom that experience grants.

From a good open world, the game allows for any vehicle to reach its destination or just to explore the immense scenery that, with its eleven different ecosystems, guarantees a certain variety on the visual plane, beyond the differences between the Regions determined by the presence of more or less hostile bases and a greater degree of difficulty. This is the way to dirt and muddy roads, which also thanks to the support of the HDR and its ability to enliven the colors in daytime situations bring to mind some Uncharted 4 stages: End of a Thief, on the asphalt of urban areas under the Rain, by night flying on a helicopter over unsettled forests at unbridled motocross for fields and steppes, from exploration of snowy lands onboard a pickup to sailing on the coast, finally passing through the escalating mountains where i Various vehicles reveal that they are affected by Skyrim's horses' syndrome, leading us to the top even with frightening, almost vertical slopes. Obedients and simplifications on which an eye closes, as introduced to avoid frustration of situations where the inaccessibility of an improvised area could have forced us to make long runs. The handling on Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands seemed to us very similar to Watch Dogs 2, so do not expect a great consistency and a realistic performance of the weights, but an approach to strength of arcade things, voted for accessibility and fun.

Bad characters and beautiful landscapes: we could summarize the technical analysis of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands, which, as is often the case in the open world, offers breathtaking views (in particular, on TVs that support HDR) and an extremely vast map , Which is loaded all together and only in certain situations (flight by plane, in this case) shows pop-up effects or a very short "lock" due to asset streaming.

Moving freely between the twenty-one Bolivian regions, selecting the missions to try and the vehicles to use to reach them is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of the game, and fortunately the positive sides are superior to the misses. As mentioned, in fact, the poor characterization of the characters, the use of relatively simple polygonal models, a set of discrete animations, sometimes poor performances, and some spartan interiors, are very obvious with the care that has been placed in the realization Of the exterior, with some particularly significant scenes: when you go to the rebel doctor's study, during one of the first missions, it seems to be facing an old title of two generations; But then you exit, you climb up the rhythm of a motorcycle running to the sunset and forget about everything. It also seems that the glitches that afflicted the beta of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands were heavily covered, with a number of complications and criticalities all in all acceptable, while in terms of fluidity there is some variation in the frame pacing during the direction changes marked on the street, but no real Drops, at least on PlayStation 4 Pro. On the acoustic side, Luca Ward's cited performance and his colleagues draw the picture of a really good dubbing that he can hold on an audio segment that in terms of effects does his good It has to do without astonishment, but suffers a lot from the Latin monotony of the Bolivian radio, which you tend to turn off whenever you go up a new vehicle.

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  • Extremely full countryside
  • Huge, diversified and fascinating map
  • Multiplayer with great potential
  • Preserves and raises the classic Ghost Recon
  • Sometimes exaggerating a bit
  • Unsure characters and plot
  • A little repetitive
Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 8
Audio - 8.5

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