Flipping Legend

The system on Flipping Legend is the one of the endless runner, with the protagonist running over prospective scenarios jumping in box diagonally into a sort of chessboard until the end of the various levels.

Although it is undoubtedly growing and further complicating in its approach to the standard console and PC market, the mobile panorama often also succeeds in bringing us back to some basic game-playing mechanics that resemble the origins of the video game, made of simple pixels, few Rules, execution speed, and rhythm. Flipping Legend gives something a bit redundant to indie titles in pixel art, but it immediately distinguishes itself from different features that make it recognizable at a glance. The use of voxel has also become a kind of canon in independent productions, but the particular fusion of graphic style, animation and accompaniment music can create a truly explosive amalgam in this Hiding Spot and Noodlecake game.

The system on Flipping Legend is the one of the endless runner, with the protagonist running over prospective scenarios jumping in box diagonally into a sort of chessboard until the end of the various levels, trying to avoid obstacles and knocking down enemies to reload a bar that you Consumes with the flow of time, but in this case the description makes little justice to the feelings given by the game when you are with your fingers on the screen. From the control system to the deeper layers of gameplay, including the rock clutches that characterize it, every single Flipping Legend element is well calibrated and balanced in the context to build a simple, almost sparse, But vivid and coherent.

By touching the right or left side of the screen, the protagonist makes a diagonal jump in the corresponding direction by moving a square to the grid where the scenario is composed. The squares can be empty or contain obstacles, enemies or bonuses, thus imposing fast and clear choices to do in the protagonist's movement, because by touching the obstacles you lose energy and you find yourself forced to start from the start. Eliminating enemies on Flipping Legend is critical to recharging the energy bar that is falling continuously and at great speed, so we must move fast to the end of the level to avoid overtaking the game over.

The execution speed, therefore, becomes a peculiar characteristic of Flipping Legend, which bases its gameplay on the sense of rhythm: as a sort of new Rez, in the game you are making jumps following the rhythm of the engaging musical base, a loop With variations on the subject at the change of level that is well set to favor this synergistic action between character movement on the screen and audio accompaniment. The simple, yet engaging, jumping action is enriched by a progression-based progression-based progression system that unlocks new character skills for complex skill trees and accumulates money that allows you to buy different characters that They also impose quite different styles of play.

The free-to-play du Flipping Legend setting is very honest, allowing you to enjoy the game safely, at best with the need to look at some advertising to open bonus chips but is not a mandatory element of gameplay. However, it is still possible to delete the ads and access the crates through a single in-app purchase that substantially unlocks the game.

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  • The jump mechanics are dragging
  • Great audio-visual experience
  • Good roleplayer
  • Extremely simple gameplay
  • Variations on the subject are not many
Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 8
Audio - 8.5

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