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DiRT 4 is a solid and concrete episode that focuses on the goodness of an unmatched guide system, variety of content, and some small but interesting news. Very much appreciated by the international press, the game has come with a bit of delay, but we are finally ready to talk in detail.

Codemasters finally launches the new episode of his famous rally series: we see how it went.

After the great DiRT Rally, a project born somewhat deaf but then proved to be surprisingly valid, Codemasters did not have so many options to carry on what is set as one of its top franchises. A return to the arcade and cattery atmosphere of DiRT 3 was out of the question, since nowadays that kind of offer is well represented by GRID; And so is DiRT 4, a solid and concrete episode that focuses on the goodness of an unmatched guide system, variety of content, and some small but interesting news. Very much appreciated by the international press, the game has come with a bit of delay, but we are finally ready to talk in detail. First, however, is a fundamental question: for you a driving game you just have to have fun or test?

The question was not aired, since the first choice that DiRT 4 faces is the selection of the gameplay style between "player" and "simulation". The net of the many adjustments until it can be used in one case or the other, there is a substantial difference between the two settings: in the first case the car, however powerful, follows a predictable behavior and therefore allows To use the brake and accelerator to balance the rider in a very precise way, which remains the main maneuver to deal with any stretch of road that is not straight; In the second case, there are many variables in the game, the car can be nervous and often go underboard, expressing on the screen visibly the forces in the ball and its own weight, and transforming any mistakes or lightness into a conviction without appeal.

The approach thus radically changes, as well as the incidence of setup and enhancements on our winning chances: by playing arcade style, you will face a rather banal first part of the campaign and get to the bottom without thinking of more than Albeit rich in contour, that in DiRT 4 is represented by upgrades, staff management, test runs to test the trim, and so on. Instead of opting for simulation, all of these elements of the experience will be substantially enhanced and will become a factor that can not be considered in the race economy: in addition to learning to govern the car well, we will have to try to smooth the The corners of its road behaviors, making the necessary changes to the setup, in the light of a progression that will be much more complex and complicated in this regard, but at the same time delivers a much greater satisfaction rating if our efforts are finally rewarded.

Obviously, you can rely on such a customizable guiding system, with basic styles and a lot of contour adjustments (from manual or automatic manual gearboxes, from sensitivity to controls to permitted number of restarts, etc.) Makes DiRT 4's experience available at many different levels, even if we want it within a single, significant progression. The less experienced users will then be able to start with the "player" mode, become familiar with the philosophy of the game and the structure of the races, then diminish as much as the aid and finally move on to the simulation style, perhaps rewriting all the events for Tasting the great differences that come to pass from one setting to another. A similar discourse can be made for the level of difficulty and ability of opponents, both aspects that can change the cards on the table and give us a relaxing stroll on the dirt road or a hell of mud, tears and tear. With regard to artificial intelligence, one has to applaud the developers: the other pilots sometimes go in advance, make accidents, cut the road badly and do not merely do the task.

So we come to the content, which together with the driving system represent the flagship of DiRT 4. From the initial screen you can access the section "events" and from there to practice with your career, with online competitions, with multiplayer mode, With the "free play", with the "Ace of the Steering Wheel" skill challenge or practice in the DiRT Academy, a scenario in which to get familiar with the cars and gameplay of the Codemasters title. Our career is at the heart of the single player experience: after finishing some introductory competition, a tradition for English team racers, we will be able to create our team, personalize it in various aspects (also the name: we have chosen A "Stock Hudson" explanation owned by the pilot, T. Spetazzo), accept sponsorship proposals and hire engineers and PRs who can contribute to his ascent. Known novel elements, though just mentioned, but of course the bulk of work we will have to do it in person once we get off the track

The categories available in the career on DiRT 4 are four: Rally, the richest, faceted and traditional; Land Rush, between trucks and dune buggy running in the mud; Rally Cross, the licensed championship, with interesting asphalt events featuring a pinch of strategy; And finally the Historic Rally, which is like the wet dream of all long-time enthusiasts for the presence of several legendary cars, unforgettable stars of the past. The number of tournaments within each category is variable, as well as of course the degree of involvement we have experienced in the various disciplines, with a preference for the traditional Rally and Rally Cross, but a lower enthusiasm for the sometimes Nervous, sometimes trivial races of Land Rush. In any case, we are talking about a large number of events and content that can be accessed according to the ranks of an "old school" progression: you have to win a number of races to be able to try out historical rallies, for example, and have specific categories Of vehicles to access certain events. The money earned on the track can therefore invest it not only in the growth of the aforementioned team, through the recruitment of more skilled technicians and the construction of advanced facilities in which to operate, but of course also in the purchase of new cars, whether it be Brand new models or used vehicles, less flamboyant but equally suitable for the purpose.

The DiRT 4 gaming offer is complemented by a set of fun challenging skills, the aforementioned "Ace of the Steering Wheel" section, and the multiplayer modes that we have been able to experience without problems as the game is already available in stores. Standard races take place according to the traditional rally rules, running all along the track without seeing, and struggling to knock down ten precious goals. We are talking about a very simple but effective approach that has never shown side to side issues or uncertainties during our tests, but at the same time it will only enhance those who have already completed all the completable and is desperate for new challenges, Comparing with the global leaderboard. Decisively more interesting time events, which offer an ever-changing experience and therefore aim at ensuring a certain degree of longevity to the Codemasters product, rewarding discreetly generous users who succeed in completing them successfully.

The much talked-about procedural editor plays a role also in the optics of online and can actually change the cards on the table thanks to the unpredictability of his mechanisms. By accessing the "free play" mode, we will be able to create all championships from scratch, select locations and generate zero or fewer, more or less complex stages, then save and propel it to our multiplayer opponents. An extra nice, in short, though limited in terms of options: not the great news we expected. However, this is only a matter of detail, in the light of a globally robust and enjoyable implant, which is supported by a delightful soundtrack, with great sound effects (with narrator / navigator voice in Italian) and a graphically pointing out Performance, securing sixty frames per second stable, particularly realistic cars (which are likely to be damaging) and scenarios that move between highs and lows, revealing a colorful style that somehow brings to mind the Naughty Dog titles but that It does not always focus on the target, either because of superficial surfaces and generic assets, or because of polygonal models when it comes to representing the audience or the same pilot, taken during some shots. Finally, he perceived the lack of support for the HDR, which with the landscapes of DiRT 4 and its great variety of weather situations would literally go to wedding.

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  • Solid and wide adjustable guide system
  • Lots of content, even in multiplayer
  • Beautiful cars, sixty frames per second fixed ..
  • ... but the graphics do not break the jaw
  • The management aspects just mentioned
  • The procedural editor is not the great news we thought
Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 9.5
Audio - 8.5

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